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BRAE HomeBusiness / CommercialEducucational / ReligiousResidentialStructural Engineering


BR Architects, Inc.

Structural Design with cutting edge materials 

Structural Engineering Design and Project Management

Concrete Framing Design

Foundation Design

Masonry Design

Steel Design

Composite Decking Design

Wood Design

Building conditions assessment

  • Structural Design with 'Green' materials 
  • Structural Engineering Design with cutting edge sustainable materials
  • Project Management
  • Construction Administration
  • Review pay requests
  • Review Change orders, RFI's, Submittals
  • Maintain Communication Logs
  • Monitor Construction Progress

  • Perform construction observation
  • Manage Architect/Contractor/Owner meetings
  • Maintain A/C/O meeting minutes
  • Review Document changes
  • Review construction accuracy
  • Offer advice on changes in field
  • Offer advice on maintaining construction schedule
  • Offer advice on substitutions


BR Architects, Inc.

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